Monday, March 30, 2009

Catch me if you can!

Ok, here's the layout I did for myself with the same paper I used on Cathy's layout below, but it's a totally different look. I love how much you can change things up by tearing papers or cutting them...

This picture is of the girls running home from the bus stop. It's so funny that they always race to the house and try to catch each other on the way, lol! A perfect memory to scrap, right? :)


Peggy said...

What a cute picture! It's moments like this that make scrapping worthwile don't you think, the little things that otherwise might be forgotten... Beautiful work my sweet friend!

You're really trying out new things aren't you, tearing, using the sewing machine, ... Isn't it fun, and you rock all of them!!! I tried painting and masking for the first time on my next LO, which will be up tomorrow over at Songbird Scraps, I can't wait to know your opinion about this one. Be warned though, it doesn't look like anything I've done before, it looks a bit chaotic and possibly overwhelming, but I love it! I'm finally starting to feel good about my scrapping again, which is quite a relief. I've finally given up on caring what other people think (with a few exceptions of course!!!!) and I'm having more fun now, just doing my own thing and not what I think will please others. I'm sure this way of thinking will result in my personality coming out more in my work as well, which I hope is a good thing hehe. It's helped finding my mojo as well, which is why I'm so not happy that I have tons of work to do today, I would rather just scrap all day, but then I guess we all feel that way most of the time don't we.

Well, I've just about stalled getting to it for as long as I could, better get going...

Talk to you later sweetie, drop me a line when you have some time, it's been a while and I've missed you! I hope you're feeling better, though it seems you put your sicky time to good use huh hihi.

Love xxx Peggy

Peggy said...

Oeps, forgot to tell you... I tagged you for a fun game which I hope you're up for, I can't wait to see what you come up with... check out the details on my blog!
xxx Peggy