Saturday, March 7, 2009

Little Flower

I did a layout of Madison today that I'd like to share. My wonderful friend Peggy gave me a little challenge to use some stitching and handmade embellishments on a page, so decided to take her up on it! I tried not to think too hard while making the layout, but instead to just let my creative side take over a little more than usual.
I love the result!!

I did some stitching around the edges of the papers and also on the picture/mat. I really like the look it gives. Oh, and the embellishments that I made were the brown flower and the stem/leaves. It was so much fun! Totally not something I would usually do but definitely something I'll be doing again. Who knew? :)

Isn't she "lovely"?? ;)

I got another layout for Cathy's album done this morning. This picture is her daughter Hannah having some fun swinging...

Cathy told me she wanted the title for this one to be "Lovely", so that's where I got the play on words, hehe. I'm in a weird mood today so I'm just amusing myself...feel free to ignore me, LOL!! ;)