Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Just saying hi!

I haven't been around all that much lately and the reason behind it is that my BABY will be starting Kindergarten this year! We went to the beach for vacation at the end of July, and now that we're home, we're spending all the time together that we can. Once the girls are in school, I'll have plenty of time to create, so I'm sure you'll see me often. ;)

For now, here's a picture that I took of my sweet family headed to the water the first day we went to the beach...

Are they amazing or what? I am SO thankful for each of them and so glad God blessed me like He has. :)

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Peggy said...

Enjoy your time together April, we'll be waiting patiently :-)))
I did receive your email, thanks sweetie, I was so happy to receive your answer!! I haven't had much time lately, and we currently have 5 children at our house (3 of mine and 2 boys extra...) for the next two weeks, so I'll probably be a little bit busy for the next few weeks as well :-)))) I'll write you as soon as I have some more time!
Love xxx Peggy